Micro MX Trixx Black (2.0)

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Age class: Youth & Adults
Product Kind: Stunt Scooter
Kind of Wheel: PU
Surface Kind: Asphalt, Pebble path, Cobblestone
Application mode: Mobility and Movement, Stunts
Non-folding for stunts
Maximum Load: 100 kg
Available colours: Black
Ideal for ages 5-12
Min rider height 125cm
The perfect first stunt scooter
Stunt pegs included
Free delivery
Only one set of stunt pegs supplied

149,90 €


A scooter to encourage your child to get outside and move; that can handle a scooter ramp as well as the school run, the Micro MX Trixx is exactly that. It can offer your child freedom like they've never experienced before. Engineered from lightweight aluminium, it is quick and nimble, meaning young riders can manoeuvre it with ease. The footplate and handlebars are substantially shorter than other scooters, making it the perfect model for 5-12 years old to practice their tricks and jumps.


Κωδικός SA0104
Βάρος No
Χρώμα Black
Τύπος Τιμονιού T-Bar
Τροχοί 2 τροχοί
Ηλικία No

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