Micro Luggage II

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Weight: 5 kg, normally approved as hand luggage, case capacity 26 l.
Age class: Adults
Product Kind: Kickboard with case
Kind of Wheel: Hard rubber (PU)
Surface Kind: Airport
Application mode: Travel
Size of wheel: 110 mm
Maximum Load: 100 kg
Special Features: Height-adjustable handlebar


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329,90 €


Kickboard, bag and trolley in one: Our well-known Micro Luggage has started the next round with a range of new and optimised features. As previously, the handlebar is based on the principle of weight transfer. The rider applies weight appropriately, and curve riding can be mastered with ease. A choice of three steering springs with differing strengths (black: standard, red: hard, blue: soft) enables the achievement of optimum steering – depending on the weight and curve profile involved. Also new is that problems experienced by taller people when using the Micro Luggage as a trolley have been eliminated, as the additionally extendable and newly integrated telescopic handlebar ensures optimum legroom.


Κωδικός ML0005
Βάρος 5.0000
Χρώμα Black
Τύπος Τιμονιού No
Τροχοί 3 τροχοί
Ηλικία 7+

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