Micro MX Free Ride Street

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Age class: 7+
weight: 4.1kg
handlebar height: 91cm
Age class: Youth & Adults
Kind of Wheel: Hard rubber (PU)
Size of wheel: Wide ‘fatties’ 110mm for greater enjoyment and stability
Surface Kind: Asphalt & Cobblestone
Application mode: Stunts, Mobility and Movement
Maximum Load: 100 kg
BMX headset
Flexi Brake
HIC Compression system


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144,90 €


The MX Freeride scooter is based on the design of our most popular stunt scooter the MX Trixx but has had some extra features incorporated to suit those who prefer to ride street. The added extras include wider wheels for greater stability and more manoeuvrability around tight corners. Suitable for use in indoor and outdoor skate parks as well as street riding.


Κωδικός SA0146
Βάρος 3.3000
Χρώμα Black
Τύπος Τιμονιού No
Τροχοί 2 τροχοί
Ηλικία 7+

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