Micro Trike

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Age class: 18 months+
Kind of Wheel: Hard rubber (PU)
Surface Kind: Asphalt & Cobblestone
Application mode: Fun and Games
Maximum Load: 20 kg
Slim-line and ultra-compact
Incredibly lightweight at just 4.9lbs
Foldable with a telescopic adjustable handle
Swiss designed and engineered


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69,90 €


The Micro Trike is an ingenious beautifully designed way of getting around town with your child in tow. Portable, lightweight and with easy folding the Micro Trike can be stored in the smallest of spaces. With a sturdy seat. comfy handlegrips and an adjustable footrest your child will be the most comfortable, entertained and happy child when you are out and about. What makes the Micro Trike a class apart from other pushchairs or strollers is its exquisite design. The easy manoeuvrability, elegance of folding and simple storage make the Micro Trike a perfect solution for parents and children.


Κωδικός TR0001
Βάρος No
Χρώμα White
Τύπος Τιμονιού No
Τροχοί 3 τροχοί
Ηλικία No

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