Micro White

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Suitable for adults (18 +)
Ideal for comfortable rides in and out of town
Made of aluminum in white
Wide base for easy positioning of your feet
Large diameter 200mm wheels for vibration reduction
Load capacity up to 120kg
Adjustable handlebar height
Kick ® system for easy folding
Weighing just 4.7kg for caring everywhere
Patented, Swiss design

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The Micro® White scooter is the ultimate in 'green' mobility and urban elegance - scooting is not just for kids anymore. The Micro® White, along with the Micro® Black, are perfect for the scoot to school or work.
The Micro® White is built for speed and comfort, even on urban sidewalks. The over-sized wheels provide an almost effortless ride - think maximum distance with minimum effort.
The Italian-made wheels are manufactured exclusively for Micro® using the highest quality polyurethane, with ABEC 5 precision bearings for a glide as smooth as it is fast.
Weighing about as much as a laptop (4.7kg) and featuring the patented folding Kick® system, you can have it with you just anywhere.
With a weight capacity of 120kg and adjustable-height handlebars that extend an additional 30cm from the lowest setting, the Micro® White scooter is built for adults as well as kids.
Along with the Micro® Black, the Micro® White is one of the fastest high-end scooters made by Micro®.
Swiss-engineered, with exceptional quality and a cool retro style.


SKU SA0031
Weight 4.7000
Color White
Steering Wheel No
Wheels No
Age No
When Micro® created the Micro® White, its designers paid careful attention to what makes scooter riding more comfortable and more dependable, and the result is that you can see and feel: Swiss design and engineering in every element of the Micro® White.
For example, the padded foam handle grips are made from the highest quality non-toxic materials, with rounded rubber plugs on the ends of the handle bars to prevent injury or damage if the scooter falls to the ground.
The Micro® White features a specially fortified rear wheel fork, which provides strong torsion control for long-distance dependability against wear and tear.
For easy parking and grab-and-go convenience, the Micro® White features an innovative 2-way kick stand that can easily fold down when you stop and automatically folds up when you take off again.
The Micro® White’s wider deck and the high quality grip tape make for more secure footing and an easier, more comfortable ride.

All parts of Micro® White have been tested and certified for safety, reliability and durability. It is built to last and enjoy your rides for many years. Virtually, all the individual components can be replaced or repaired quickly and easily from the specialist service division of Micro ® Cyprus.
The Micro® White is ergonomically designed for comfortable position of your body when riding.
The base is located below the central axis of the chassis so you do not have to lean your body forward and overwhelm the body and hands.
The Micro® White scooter folds up easily. Featuring Micro®’s patented double-button folding Kick® system, riders can fold up their scooters and store them inside whenever need be.
Over-the-shoulder straps and scooter bags are available for maximum portability.

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